Fixed Magazine

FIXED - brainchild of Fixed Gear London, is an international magazine dedicated to Fixies. It will be available at all good bike shops in major cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, for free (Yes, u saw it right, FREE).

The mag is being printed on 100 pages of unbleached, recycled paper using vegetable oil inks. Inlcudes stunning photos that will give you a better idea on how the culture has exploded over the past year.

To top it all off, a launch party will be held at the Carhartt Warehouse in Hackney on the 21st June 08. There will be free drinks, fixie competitions, and best of all the premiere of Bootleg Sessions v.2, featuring FLD's very own Superted.

Any kind soul be good enough to grab me a copy while your at it? Thanks mate!

source: Canoeblog