Bukit Jalil - USJ- Bukit Jalil, checked

The ride was good, weather was awesome and not much traffic. Besides that, the motorcycle lane is very suitable for fixie riding(not racing!) .

What made this ride special is our guest, Ms. Ines Brunn, the whole night she was riding with us . Her tricks performed at pit-stop made all the guys speechless even though she wasn't on the trick bike that she always used for stunts .

and this is the first time for few of us completed the Kesas highway 23km routes. We shall ride this kind of route more often.

Hope she had a good time while riding with us. KLfixed love you!

Ms. Ines Brunn

When the Black meets the Pink!

Performing time!

The newcomer, Izam!

more picture, view here.



Yes or No?

Found a Sannow, NJS frame .....to cop? Yes or No?


COG from BKK Fixed

Thanks. It's finally arrived just in time.




Ines Brunn, best known of her freestyle gymnastic tricks on a fixed, is here. She brought her fixie down as well to ride to us, most prolly we'll be riding this Thursday, 31 July. We are planning for a long ride since shes riding with us. As what Skin suggested, meeting point at B. Jalil BUT final confirmation of the ride session will be confirmed SOON.

check her video out here.



padi laundry list

big shout to minh-Sg. for cruising me back&forth to TRbikes. 



We are waiting

...need...cute chicks...join...the bang.......oops i mean gang!


Go Josiah Go.....

Josiah Ng put some of the world’s best keirin riders in the shade in the Sprint Grand Prix in Germany over the weekend to give himself a much-needed boost ahead of next month’s Olympic Games.

Source: TheStar

Give your cheers to Josiah here.



DE ROSA on the bay

What a beaut!!! It's NOS & decked with all the rite stuff. For sale on the bay.


Say Cheeze!!!

The BKK fixie riders smillin' for the photo-shoot. More here.



Pink Fetish

AFFA's project Colnago

with or without stickers? hmmm ....


How u wanna spoke it sir?


Color bars






Malaysia flag bearer

Track cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang has been given the honour to be the flag bearer for the Malaysian contingent in the Beijing Olympics, which begin on Aug 8.

All the best to our cyclists and may they bring back a medal at the coming games.

pic: The Star



Could Be An Option


Project Daccordi



Nemesis Project x Fatlace

Want one? Sorry it's for family & friends only HERE.



Che ridin'


Campagnolo BB set

For those into their projects, do give these babies a try!


Racun 360

Now that you've found yourself some gold cranks, to complete the circle u need some GOLD grills & I'm sure u can find a good jeweler in BKK to make u a set!! :)

pic: BlingBot



Racun season

Nice tempt. But there something missing, where the crank?


Go Go.....GOLD!!!

Here's some gold parts to tempt the guy that recently copped some gold wheels!! :)

Gold is well......GOLD!!!

pics: Benscycle



Rainbow tools

Now....where can we get a set?