DP familiarities


Feelin' yellow?







Bianchi Pista (glow in the dark)

Pics: Pedalmafia



French Steeds


Fixed Magazine® Online

We so wanted to get this mag but there's no way to get it except UK. Our frustration finally ended when they release the PDF version therefore everyone of us here can own a copy.

Special thanks to Fixed mag. Anyone who needs a copy, click here and ENJOY!


Rossin Fixie

From my last previous post, I'm curious whether anyone would be so daring to use this rossin track frame to build a fixie.

Finally I found it.

What an awesome bike!

pic via hkfixed.




Campagnolo head gear



2008 Fluid Roadster

2008 Electro Cycle

For more details, visit firebikes



I-Cycle Film series

Being a longtime supporter of and innovator in the bike community, PUMA® releases the I-Cycle Film Series, dedicated to exploring bike culture and it's influencers.

The I-Cycle Film Series focuses on some of today's biggest advocates for two-wheeled life, including - Matthew McGuinness, a co-founder of The 62, a Brooklyn-based art collective who started Re-Bicycle; George Bliss, the man behind New York's Pedi-cabs; Brendt Barbur, founder of The Bicycle Film Festival, Matthew Modine, actor and founder of Bicycle-For-A-Day, an ongoing initiative to encourage and inspire individuals to leave their cars in the garage and reduce their carbon footprints on the world; and finally, Antonio Bertone, PUMA's CMO and one of the main reasons for PUMA's presence in the bicycle world.

Check out the all the short films at PUMA.

Pics & head-up: SlamxHype



Used High Flange Shimano Dura-Ace hub

Spotted this Shimano Dura-Ace hub on ebay, and try my luck to get it cheap.

Ended up, its only cost me USD16!

who say ebay no good deal?




RVCA x CINELLI "Pressure"

Check out the great coverage at Supertouch.





From a country not known for the word "tan" & "tight bodies", comes traditional saddle & bag maker, Brooks. Even the traditional company couldn't resist the temptation to show some "ass" to sell some saddles. But we can't necessarily complain. Though the terms saddles and bags doesn't come to mind when we look at the ad.


World's Fastest Messenger

Japanese messenger Sino took the honors of being the Fastest Messenger in the WORLD! Yup he's the HE-MAN, Master of the Universe at this year's Cycle Messenger World Championship.

Congrats Sino & may u win further events in the future.

Source: Pedalmafia



Bike Art #2


Futura Heavy Industries

Take Futura and then add MHI, what do u get? FHI of coz and we never tire of the great stuff that have been conjured for Fixed Gear.


Pamela Anderson x Terry Richardson

Pamela Anderson + Terry Richardson = Instant Hotness!!

Source: SlamxHype



Smart Fixed Gear Magazine

The cover

Skills page

Cool stickers

Groups review

Get yours locally at Kinokuniya.



Fixed gear is the new skateboard

From Mike's blog



Here's my humble Project:Colnago that has just been completed.

That's the way to do it Grasshopper...

Wheel balancing act

The campy crank

Project:Colnago good to go!!!

Frame & Fork: Colnago Pista
Headset: Chris King
Crankset & Chainring: Campagnolo Record 170 & Shimano Dura Ace
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo
Hubs: Shimano Dura Ace
Handlebar & Stem: Nitto with Oury grips
Cog: Phil Wood
Seat: Shimano seatpost & Kashimax saddle
Wheels & Spokes: Velocity Deep Vs & DT Swiss spokes
Tyres: Vanderstein front x Vittoria rear
Pedals: Campagnolo
Set-up: 49 x 17

Special thanks:
Joo Ngan & the crew @ Joo Ngan Professional Bike Centre
Brian @ Rodafixa
Jihn for hand-taking some parts from HK for me
DEPT Tokyo
Pat for getting the fork re-chromed


shorts streak

the only thing in mind if i should get 1 for myself for cycling. -_-"

pic via cucinatestarossa