Bike Shop Check #1

KL FIXED are always on a lookout for bike shops around town and we will share our findings with all of you. The first shop check on the list is The Bike Boutique. This shop stands out among the rest in town as it has a more lifestyle feel to the it. The store carries mostly Road & Mountain bikes, the norm among cyclists in this part of the world. The staff are super friendly and a big shout out to Benny for staying so late n taking the time to show us around.

Road bikes

Single speed mountain bike - we love the color

HED wheels!!! We would love to have one of these any day

The first proper bike fitting machine in Malaysia

Service area - fxi had some probs with his chain

A close friend's five figure road race bike

Bike storage area for riders that have limited space at home

We were also informed by Benny that the store also has a "Bike Spa" where riders can chill, take a nice shower after a ride or even have a dip at their swimming pool located at the roof top. All in all a very nice bike shop indeed, just not really catered towards us, the fixie bunch.

Nonetheless, the Bike Boutique is worth a visit and they are located at Damansara Perdana, right next to Citibank. Hit up their website for the address.